I personalize my next Facebook Poster

Do you remember my latest Facebook ads that I posted in Facebook? The “happy family” ads.


happy family-FB ads-pic


This ads gave 9 conversions and spent $2.72 within 3 days. This time I made a revision. I personalized the ads by changing the image but still retained the same heading. Here is the output of the personalized Facebook poster.


picnic FB ads-pic

I changed the image but still the same heading compared to “happy family” ad. Here I still used the picmonkey.com in editing the image and placing the text. I made the signup form using benchmarkemail.com.

The website url of the signup form will be pasted in the Facebook Power editor when making Facebook ads.


picnic sign up form url-pic


I made the “Thank you” page from my website. This thank you page will appear after confirming the subscription in the email of the receiver.


hfamily signup6-pic


Then I named “picnic” to this second Facebook poster for experiment in my ads, ad set and campaign using Facebook Power Editor. This is to compare its result from the “original” ad which was the “happy family” that I posted before.


picnic ads-pic


This ad was approved by Facebook Ads team! Yes, I made it right. I will tell you on my next post about the conversion of this Facebook ads “Picnic.”

See you!

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