The conversion of “Picnic” Facebook ads

Hi everyone! I will tell you the conversion of my “Picnic” Facebook ads.

To tell you, I made it wrong. I made a mistake. Instead of placing the url of “Thank you” page in the process of creating signup form, I placed the url of  signup form in the Confirmed Opt-in page portion.


picnic mistake-pic


When this ad was already running for 2 days, I wonder why  there were no conversions delivered though there were “Facebook likes” noted by number of people. So I decided to take a test. I entered my other email account and after confirming the subscription, I received the signup form instead of the thank you page.

Lesson learned, I did not check it many times. I overlooked it. I should not be in a hurry, instead I should be  very cautious in taking each step so to avoid delay and mistake. Result, zero conversion and I spent $2.53.


picnic conversion-pic


Although the ads had 41 likes, but still zero conversion.


picnic ads result-pic


Hmmm, realization, more practice! practice and practice!

So I decided to create it again and run only for 1 day as test ad. Here is the result:


picnic conversion2-pic


Not bad at all! This is only for just a day. I spent $.73 for the ad and got 1 conversion.

I have to practice making Facebook posters and do Facebook ads to master each step and that is the only way to master it. Always remember, repetition is the key to mastery. So, more Facebook posters and ads to make! Practice more Alfie!

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