How to Create a Landing Page using Thrive Theme

Last March 2016, our mentor, Jomar Hilario conducted webinar on how to create landing page using Thrive themes. The first time I attended, I just watched the flow and listened every step of the way. No notes at first. That time, I felt like I was a beginner, though I already know how to create landing pages. But this one, this is different because Thrive themes had unique, beautiful and captivating designs. And for me, using thrive theme is so easy. Even a beginner can do this instantly because it is designed for common users.

Part of our online course in blog monetization is to create a tutorial. To tell you, I was just sitting in front of my laptop, and staring at my screen. I was biting my fingernails and wondered how would I start to do  this. Then an idea popped up. Since there was a recorded webinar and I already bookmarked the link, well guess what? Yes, you were right.

This would be the process. Watch the webinar replay again and again and take notes of the important steps of the process flow.  After watching, practice creating landing page and create tutorial after doing  it.

I watched the replay. I watched it 3 times in a row and while watching I noted important steps from creating, down to the very output of the process. Then, I created one landing page for experiment then I got confused. I had to watch the replay again to get the very part where I got stuck. Then went back again to my experiment until I finished the whole process. Through constant repetition, I did finish one output.

Guess what? I was able to finish a tutorial about how to create landing page using thrive themes! It felt so good that I was so happy seeing my output. Though it was difficult, I could feel a sense of completion within me because I was able to overcome the thought of “I cannot do this.” But I did! I overcame fear. And I changed fear with faith.

So fellows, after browsing through the tutorial, do it for yourself. This is so easy step- by- step and I am sure you will enjoy the beauty of using thrive themes especially creating landing pages.

Write you again, soon!



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