My Next Facebook Poster – Happy Family

Today, I will share to you my next Facebook poster for ads. Well, first I have to show what is the promise of Jomar Hilario’s product which is to “learn how to work and earn at home.”  I have the promise and that is “Gusto mo bang ganito kasaya ang iyong pamilya ngayong 2015?” meaning, “Do you want your family to be happy this 2015?”

After the promise, I have to think of image or picture to support that promise. Here are the images I chose to represent the promise:


happy family-edit pic


picnic-edit pic

I decided to use the first picture of this promise. So I have the promise and an image. And I am ready now to edit and create a poster ready for Facebook Ads.

Using the picmonkey site, here is my output.


happy family image edit2-pic


happy family image edit1-pic

After editing and placing the text for the poster, here is my output for Facebook Ads.


happy family-FB ads-pic

After the Promise and the Image, I tested this poster for 20% Text test in Facebook using this site

Here is my output:


happy family grid text-pic

Yeheyy! Good job! My poster passed the 20% text! Ha ha ha! Now I am ready to place it in Facebook Power Editor.



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