2 Ideas That Are Helpful To Have More Leads to Facebook Ads

Hey, it’s me Alfie!

Now, I have something very helpful to share to you that leads to more conversions to your Facebook Ads. I made an experiment last week. I created an ad which involved

1. timing and

2. budget.

Hmmmm, sounds broad. Now I will simplify it to you.

Due to my insistent resourcefulness just to maximize my Facebook marketing skills, I researched, read and studied tips on how to make an effective Facebook Marketing. One thing for sure, you have to be an explorer. Meaning, you have to research on what are other tips that can be greatly helpful to your ads.

This was the first thing I discovered and applied. The timing of posting the ads for my audience. I got this tip from digitalinformationworld.com. You can read this also and apply the tips.


After reading this tip, I applied it right away. The result of my ad was so cool. Now this was my Ad which I scheduled it based on the day and time required that creates more traffic.



Tsaraan!!! 35 conversions.

Now, I made another experiment. The second thing was I adjusted my daily budget. Usually I budget $1 a day in posting my Facebook Ads. But I increased the budget to $2, though it was quite small , still this simple trick made a great change to number of conversions to my ad.

So, what I did, I made a $2 budget instead of $1 a day. After all, this was just an experiment.

My Facebook ad was still the same but I made a budget revision.



Yeheey! 51 conversions! This made a great difference!

I was amazed by the results. Basically I only made this for experiment. All in all just less than one month of posting and experimenting, my ad made an awesome results.


Increased number of page likes.


My ad made 116 conversions, posted on different times and days with a little experimentation!

So, do not be afraid to try and test your ad! It pays to try something new. You will only now the difference if you apply it, right?

See you to my next adventure of Facebook marketing exploration!



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