Mail Chimp Sign Up Form for Facebook Ads

Hi there!

I want to share to you how I came up with a SIGN UP FORM using MAILCHIMP. Before, I used to create sign up form for Facebook Ads using benchmarkemail. I was used to that it was so easy for me to create those forms. I even used benchmark in my email campaigns. But a terrible thing happened. My account in benchmarkemail was suspended! Oh my! It was terrible for me because I had more than 100 email addresses stored in my email list. Luckily, I was able to download those email addresses, oh yes!

You want to know the reason of my account’s suspension? hmmmm, “due to nature of my business”. Hahaha! Maybe I think I used to place amounts in my sign up forms though the text was in “Tagalog”. I think they researched those “Tagalog” words to “English” words. hmmmm. I thought of  opening another benchmarkemail account. But I got an idea. Why not explore other programs or sites that offer creation of sign up forms! So I asked my friend online if mailchimp is ok. She told me it is so ok and easy.

Now, I decided to make use of Mailchimp for creating my sign up form. Last night I slept late just to watch youtube videos about how to create sign up forms in mailchimp. The basics was easy but there were two things that were unresolved to me:

1. Where to paste the “url” of the website after entering the email addresses

2. Where to paste the “url” of my Thank you page( from my website) to where I place my facebook conversion pixel.

Though last night these two things were unresolved, I told myself to take a night sleep and do it again in the next morning. Luckily, I threw away my doubt and fears and instead, commit myself to resolve these two things so that I can create sign up forms for my next Facebook Ads. And so I did it again! Being an explorer is a great attitude! I did it and I will share it to you how  I did it.

Go to and register there.

ch 1-edit

Click the “Sign Up Free.”


ch 2- edit

Put your:

1. email address

2. username

3. password

Then click the “Create Account.”


ch 3- edit

You will receive a notification as shown above. You go to your email address and click confirm it to start using your mailchimp account.


ch 4- edit

You will be directed to another screen as shown above and fill up the necessary details.


ch 5- edit

After filling up, click the “Save and Get Started.”


ch 6- edit

Go to the “Lists” as shown above to create list for your sign up form.


ch 7- edit

Click “Create List.”


ch 8- edit

Fill up the necessary fields in creating your list, as shown above.


ch 10- edit

After filling up all necessary fields, click “Save.”


ch 11-edit

You will see a notification shown above. Then go to “Signup forms.”


ch 12-edit

Choose “General forms” and click “Select.”


ch 13- edit

Go to “Build it.”


ch 14- edit

Click to add message and image.


ch 15- edit

To upload pictures, click the icon below.


ch 16- edit

Click “Upload” to upload images.


ch 17- edit

Adjust the width and height of the picture.


ch 18- edit

Click “Save & Insert Image.”


ch 19- edit

Put text below the image.


CH 20-edit

Click “Save & Close.”


ch 21- edit

Remove the “Last Name” by clicking “-”


ch 22- edit

Remove also the heading above the sign up form.


ch 23- edit

Now we are going to design the form. Go to “Design it.”


CH 24- edit

Change the background color and click it.


ch 25- edit

Under “Forms” change the background color and text color.


ch 26- edit

This is to emphasize the color of the click “Button.”


ch 27- edit

Select the Background and Text Color.


ch 30- edit

You can see the change of color of button text below.


ch 31- edit

Go to “Translate it.”


ch 32- edit

Change the button text.


ch 33- edit

Click “Save Translation Settings.”


ch 34- edit

Now, you can see the color change and the text of the “click button text.”


ch 35- edit

Go to “Signup thank you page.”


ch 36- edit

Paste the “url” of your website. This is to redirect the subscriber after placing his email address and clicking the button text.

Click “Save.”

Then go to “Confirmation thank you page.”


ch 38- edit

Place the “url” of your THANK YOU PAGE from your website. The Thank you page is where you will paste the conversion pixel from creating Facebook Ads.

Click Save.”


ch 39- edit

You will see below the url of your signup form.

This url will be pasted in creating your Facebook ads in Facebook.


ch 40- edit

I just Copy and Paste the url in another tab, and walaah! You can view now your finished Mailchimp Signup Form.


ch 41-edit

See, this is just easy and fun! Hope you do enjoy my simple step by step guide in creating signup form using Mailchimp!

See yah!





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