My Facebook Ads: AB Testing

Hi there! It’s me Alfie again. You know guys, I have a habit of exploring things which are unknown to me. I applied that to my Facebook Ads to get the result I wanted much. I experimented my Facebook Ads to know which one resulted to more conversions. Did you remember before I presented to you my ads using customized audience? And after that I showed to you the result of that previous ads.

In experimenting the ads, we must do AB testing. This is to know which part of the ads strike most to the audience. We have to experiment on the ads to determine which caught much the attention of our audience.

To do AB testing, there are ways to remember:

1. The First ad will be your CONTROL AD.

This was my CONTROL AD.


extra ad-edit

2. The Second ad will be your CHALLENGE AD.

In your challenge ad, you can either:

– change the image and retain the text(from the Control Ad) or

– change the text and retain the image(from the Control ad).

Now, what I did was first, I changed the TEXT.

Here is the first CHALLENGE AD I made.



Notice the difference?

First Ad: Control Ad


extra ad 1

Second Ad:Challenge Ad


extra ad 2-edit

This ad resulted to 9 conversions or registrations.



The Third one, I did change the image of the ad:


extra ad 3-edit

The result,hmmmm not really big change. This resulted to 11 conversions.

See, by experimenting the ads, you can get various results. But remember, you can either change the image or text but not both image and text at the same time. 

Now you too can learn Facebook Marketing through experimenting. Just don’t be afraid to explore things and to create ideas to boost your marketing in Facebook. Just be creative always.

See you for the next episode! Bye bye!


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