Facebook Custom Audience: Website Custom Audience

Hi there!

I am back again sharing to you my few experiments in Facebook Marketing. Sorry for taking so long because I have many clients to attend their needs though I always want to share my learning as I do Facebook exploration.

This time I will share to you how to create Website Custom Audience or WCA.

To start with, you must have a Facebook Business Page. Here is my Facebook Business Page:



Then on the upper right side you see the blue part with word “Promote,” there is a drop down menu. You click “Go to Ads Manager.”


The next step is to click  “Tools” and click “Audiences.”


On the Audiences page, you see the “Create Audiences” tab and click it. A drop down menu lists the following:

  1. Custom Audience
  2. Lookalike Audience
  3. Saved Audience

Click the “Custom Audience.”


A pop-up appears and lists the following:

  1. Customer List
  2. Website traffic
  3. App Activity

Click “Website Traffic.”


Then a pop-up appears.


Here, you can see, pixel is being set up. On Website traffic, a drop down menu lists:

  1. Anyone who visits your website
  2. People who visit specific web pages
  3. People visiting specific web pages but not others
  4. People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time
  5. or Custom Combination

Here, we choose “Anyone who visits your website.”


Now the number of days can be set from 30 to 180 days. We just set here 180 days.


Then we place an audience name on it. Or you can add a description below its name.


Below on it, you can see a “Gear” icon on the lowest left part. Click it to view the pixel. Copy the pixel code and paste it to your website pages.


Then after that, click “Create Audience.”

Below, you can see our created audience for Website custom audience. We will just have to wait for the number of visitors to increase, up to 20 people before we can create an ad targeting them.


See, it is very easy to set up a Website custom audience. This is one way of retargeting the audience who previously visited your web pages. We can set up also an audience who visit specific pages by inserting “url.”  We will choose the option “People who visit specific web pages.” Then we will place the pages that contains or equal to certain url.


We will choose a certain website page, like our “Thank you” page. The url: /thank-you-for-subscribing-on-how-to-work-and-earn-at-home/ will be pasted.



Then paste the url. Set up the number of days from 30 to 180 days. Then name the audience and you can add description.


Then click the “Gear” icon and view the pixel. Copy and paste the pixel to the desired website pages that is connected to the url being set up.

Now, all you have to do is to wait to increase the number of visitors to 20 and you can create an ad to them.

See that is how easy to set up a Website custom audience. Then I will be sharing to you again my next exploration.


2 Ideas That Are Helpful To Have More Leads to Facebook Ads

Hey, it’s me Alfie!

Now, I have something very helpful to share to you that leads to more conversions to your Facebook Ads. I made an experiment last week. I created an ad which involved

1. timing and

2. budget.

Hmmmm, sounds broad. Now I will simplify it to you.

Due to my insistent resourcefulness just to maximize my Facebook marketing skills, I researched, read and studied tips on how to make an effective Facebook Marketing. One thing for sure, you have to be an explorer. Meaning, you have to research on what are other tips that can be greatly helpful to your ads.

This was the first thing I discovered and applied. The timing of posting the ads for my audience. I got this tip from digitalinformationworld.com. You can read this also and apply the tips.


After reading this tip, I applied it right away. The result of my ad was so cool. Now this was my Ad which I scheduled it based on the day and time required that creates more traffic.



Tsaraan!!! 35 conversions.

Now, I made another experiment. The second thing was I adjusted my daily budget. Usually I budget $1 a day in posting my Facebook Ads. But I increased the budget to $2, though it was quite small , still this simple trick made a great change to number of conversions to my ad.

So, what I did, I made a $2 budget instead of $1 a day. After all, this was just an experiment.

My Facebook ad was still the same but I made a budget revision.



Yeheey! 51 conversions! This made a great difference!

I was amazed by the results. Basically I only made this for experiment. All in all just less than one month of posting and experimenting, my ad made an awesome results.


Increased number of page likes.


My ad made 116 conversions, posted on different times and days with a little experimentation!

So, do not be afraid to try and test your ad! It pays to try something new. You will only now the difference if you apply it, right?

See you to my next adventure of Facebook marketing exploration!



Mail Chimp Sign Up Form for Facebook Ads

Hi there!

I want to share to you how I came up with a SIGN UP FORM using MAILCHIMP. Before, I used to create sign up form for Facebook Ads using benchmarkemail. I was used to that it was so easy for me to create those forms. I even used benchmark in my email campaigns. But a terrible thing happened. My account in benchmarkemail was suspended! Oh my! It was terrible for me because I had more than 100 email addresses stored in my email list. Luckily, I was able to download those email addresses, oh yes!

You want to know the reason of my account’s suspension? hmmmm, “due to nature of my business”. Hahaha! Maybe I think I used to place amounts in my sign up forms though the text was in “Tagalog”. I think they researched those “Tagalog” words to “English” words. hmmmm. I thought of  opening another benchmarkemail account. But I got an idea. Why not explore other programs or sites that offer creation of sign up forms! So I asked my friend online if mailchimp is ok. She told me it is so ok and easy.

Now, I decided to make use of Mailchimp for creating my sign up form. Last night I slept late just to watch youtube videos about how to create sign up forms in mailchimp. The basics was easy but there were two things that were unresolved to me:

1. Where to paste the “url” of the website after entering the email addresses

2. Where to paste the “url” of my Thank you page( from my website) to where I place my facebook conversion pixel.

Though last night these two things were unresolved, I told myself to take a night sleep and do it again in the next morning. Luckily, I threw away my doubt and fears and instead, commit myself to resolve these two things so that I can create sign up forms for my next Facebook Ads. And so I did it again! Being an explorer is a great attitude! I did it and I will share it to you how  I did it.

Go to http://www.mailchimp.com and register there.

ch 1-edit

Click the “Sign Up Free.”


ch 2- edit

Put your:

1. email address

2. username

3. password

Then click the “Create Account.”


ch 3- edit

You will receive a notification as shown above. You go to your email address and click confirm it to start using your mailchimp account.


ch 4- edit

You will be directed to another screen as shown above and fill up the necessary details.


ch 5- edit

After filling up, click the “Save and Get Started.”


ch 6- edit

Go to the “Lists” as shown above to create list for your sign up form.


ch 7- edit

Click “Create List.”


ch 8- edit

Fill up the necessary fields in creating your list, as shown above.


ch 10- edit

After filling up all necessary fields, click “Save.”


ch 11-edit

You will see a notification shown above. Then go to “Signup forms.”


ch 12-edit

Choose “General forms” and click “Select.”


ch 13- edit

Go to “Build it.”


ch 14- edit

Click to add message and image.


ch 15- edit

To upload pictures, click the icon below.


ch 16- edit

Click “Upload” to upload images.


ch 17- edit

Adjust the width and height of the picture.


ch 18- edit

Click “Save & Insert Image.”


ch 19- edit

Put text below the image.


CH 20-edit

Click “Save & Close.”


ch 21- edit

Remove the “Last Name” by clicking “-”


ch 22- edit

Remove also the heading above the sign up form.


ch 23- edit

Now we are going to design the form. Go to “Design it.”


CH 24- edit

Change the background color and click it.


ch 25- edit

Under “Forms” change the background color and text color.


ch 26- edit

This is to emphasize the color of the click “Button.”


ch 27- edit

Select the Background and Text Color.


ch 30- edit

You can see the change of color of button text below.


ch 31- edit

Go to “Translate it.”


ch 32- edit

Change the button text.


ch 33- edit

Click “Save Translation Settings.”


ch 34- edit

Now, you can see the color change and the text of the “click button text.”


ch 35- edit

Go to “Signup thank you page.”


ch 36- edit

Paste the “url” of your website. This is to redirect the subscriber after placing his email address and clicking the button text.

Click “Save.”

Then go to “Confirmation thank you page.”


ch 38- edit

Place the “url” of your THANK YOU PAGE from your website. The Thank you page is where you will paste the conversion pixel from creating Facebook Ads.

Click Save.”


ch 39- edit

You will see below the url of your signup form.

This url will be pasted in creating your Facebook ads in Facebook.


ch 40- edit

I just Copy and Paste the url in another tab, and walaah! You can view now your finished Mailchimp Signup Form.


ch 41-edit

See, this is just easy and fun! Hope you do enjoy my simple step by step guide in creating signup form using Mailchimp!

See yah!





My Facebook Ads: AB Testing

Hi there! It’s me Alfie again. You know guys, I have a habit of exploring things which are unknown to me. I applied that to my Facebook Ads to get the result I wanted much. I experimented my Facebook Ads to know which one resulted to more conversions. Did you remember before I presented to you my ads using customized audience? And after that I showed to you the result of that previous ads.

In experimenting the ads, we must do AB testing. This is to know which part of the ads strike most to the audience. We have to experiment on the ads to determine which caught much the attention of our audience.

To do AB testing, there are ways to remember:

1. The First ad will be your CONTROL AD.

This was my CONTROL AD.


extra ad-edit

2. The Second ad will be your CHALLENGE AD.

In your challenge ad, you can either:

– change the image and retain the text(from the Control Ad) or

– change the text and retain the image(from the Control ad).

Now, what I did was first, I changed the TEXT.

Here is the first CHALLENGE AD I made.



Notice the difference?

First Ad: Control Ad


extra ad 1

Second Ad:Challenge Ad


extra ad 2-edit

This ad resulted to 9 conversions or registrations.



The Third one, I did change the image of the ad:


extra ad 3-edit

The result,hmmmm not really big change. This resulted to 11 conversions.

See, by experimenting the ads, you can get various results. But remember, you can either change the image or text but not both image and text at the same time. 

Now you too can learn Facebook Marketing through experimenting. Just don’t be afraid to explore things and to create ideas to boost your marketing in Facebook. Just be creative always.

See you for the next episode! Bye bye!


My Facebook Ads: With Customized Audience using Audience Insight

Hi There!

Hey, I want to share to you what I did to my Facebook Ad. Before this, I made a thorough research about how to customize audience using AUDIENCE INSIGHT. I was not satisfied of the results of my previous ads before, and now I focused on how to narrow down the audience. This means that I have to expose my ads to particular target audience by customizing them so that I have higher rate of conversion.

We all know that you have to create a catchy image and striking text on your ads. And yes, these are one of the factors. But did you know that narrowing down your audience can have bigger impact on your conversions?

All I did was watching youtube videos, read articles and walaah! it paid off! See, ever since I tried to make ways to improve my set-up and I made a point to share it with you.

Now, I created my audience by customizing it using my Facebook Audience Insight.



You can see your customized audience in your Ad Set portion of your Power Editor.

Now, here is my Facebook Ads I created and I used my customized audience.


extra ad-edit

Here is the report of posting this ad:


extra 20k ads-edit3

This ad resulted to 5 conversions or registrations within 2 days:



See, a small revision of the ads like customizing the audience has a great impact! This ad made 5 registrations, meaning this ad resulted to 5 email addresses, running for 2 days!

Yes, not bad at all! You know what I am not finished yet! I made a few revisions about my next FB ads and I am going to share it to you to my next post. Join me in my next post as I am experimenting or AB testing this ad.

See you!