The verdict: First Experiment of Posting FB ads

Hey, how are you there? Well, I am here again to tell you now this moment about the result of my First Experimental Facebook Ads. Let the drum start rolling!

Ehem! I don’t know what to say. But I have to tell you that my experimental ads has Zero Conversion. huhuhu!


happy family ads report-pic

The amount I spent for test ads is $.60. Well not bad after all it was just a test ad. I analyze where I got wrong with the process and I found out two things: The affiliate link and the Thank you page where the Facebook pixel code is placed.

You remember my Signup form I presented in  my previous blog?


happy family sign up form-pic

It is in the process of pasting the affiliate link and the “Thank You” page link that I went wrong.


hfamily sign up1-pic

I did not properly click the button that is why it went wrong. So at least I learned my mistake and the most important thing is that I analyze what went wrong. So the next time I will create another Facebook Ads, I will pay attention on this.

Still good job Alfie! Make it right next time. There is always second chances!

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