Grid Tool Test: Gift Giving

Ok, from the last post that I had, I presented the “Gift Giving” Image or Poster with a Promise, so the next step is to determine whether my poster pass the 20 Grid Tool Test from Facebook. This is also a must step to determine if your Poster will be approved by Facebook or not.

So let us do it and see the result!

So I have to go to for poster checking.


gift giving grid tool-pic

Then next step is to upload the image.


gift giving upload-pic

The image for uploading:


gift giving 3-FB pic

Then there are boxes on the image. I have to click the boxes which contain text to determine if this pass the 20% image text test. The more boxes I click the higher percentage.


gift giving upload 2-pic

And now the verdict, let us see the outcome.


gift giving 20-pic

Yehey! I made it correct! The Poster passed the 20% Text test! Yes! Very Easy! Thanks Lord! I have a great brand new morning today! I just woke up and do this and now I made it! Good Job Alfie! So next post is to place this image in Facebook Power Editor. See you!


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