See My Facebook Ads: First Experiment

Hey, you wonder I called this one My First Experiment? Yes it is! Since November 2014, I started practicing making Facebook Posters and Unpublished Facebook Ads. The VA 202 course was introduced to us last November but before that we had scheduled webinars given to us by our mentor, Jomar Hilario. He wanted us to associate with making Facebook Posters and unpublished ads so that it would be easy for us to make one once the formal seminar course started.

And yes, I made numbers of Facebook posters. I did experiments but not fully the whole process. I just focused first in making and creating Facebook posters and unpublished Facebook ads to master it. In this month of January, I decided to fully grasp the whole process by practicing and doing it and of course with the guidance of Ms. Lyn Nafarrete, an intern of Jomar Hilario. It is so good to hear that we have groups of people to guide in making this course successful.

So here is my experimental facebook ads.


happy family preview pw editor


Before this, I went to  for creating Facebook Ads.


fb ads PEditor

Click “Download Power Editor.” Then you will be directed to this (picture below). Just click the “Accounts” from the image shown below:


fb ads download

And click “Download.”


fb ads click download

You will see like the one below:


fb ads 6

Then a message telling ” The selected campaigns have no ads.”


fb ads 7

On the topmost part from the left, click the drop down box and choose to click “Manage Pages.”


fb ads 8

On the left part, you will see your pages. You select what page to post your Facebook Ads.


fb ads 11

Then you click “Create Post.”


fb ads 12

I will show to you my post in Moms Work at Home page:


fb ads 13

Here is the guide to create like this one from above:


fb ads 14

After completing the process from above, you will see like this one below:


fb ads 15

Click the space after the half moon to preview the post. Like the one below:


fb ads 13

And now you have your Facebook Ads! Way to go! Good job! Try this one and practice practice practice!


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