My Thank You Page in my website

Hi guys! Now I will share to you how easy is to create a “Thank You” page in your website. Yes, using wordpress!

The first step is to go to your wordpress dashboard and click “Pages” and click “Add New.”

The next thing is to type the thank you page title and its content like this one I created below.


thank you page1-pic

After creating the “Thank You” page, publish it.

Do you remember what I told you in my previous post that the Facebook Ads pixel will be pasted in the thank you page? Well, after publishing it and creating the Facebook Ads from Power Editor, go to TEXT and paste the FB pixel code just above the content of the thank you page. See below.


thank you page2-pic

After pasting the FB code pixel, publish it to make it permanent. The essence of placing the Facebook Code Pixel is to track how many click the subscription link they received from their emails. Meaning, the number of people who entered their email addresses and confirmed the subscription by clicking the link. The number of conversion through registration is seen in the Facebook also, which later on I will share to my post.

Below is my Thank you page that I created.


hfamily signup6-pic

See I told you, it is very easy to create “Thank You” page in your website. You will also feel confident to see your output! Keep practicing so that later it will be very easy for you to create “Thank You” page.

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