Components of Facebook Ads

In my previous post, I showed my experimental Facebook Ads. That was just a practice to master doing Facebook Ads. As a reminder, repetition is the key to mastery.

Below are the components of Facebook Ads to guide and understand the essence of presenting it to your potential clients and prospects.



You will see Promise, Image, Text, Call to Action and Headline from the image above. These are the components of Facebook Ads or in technical term in Facebook Power Editor, it is CREATIVE. The shortcut on this is PITCH for you to remember easily.

The Promise is seen anywhere in the ads. Have you noticed it? Promise is the most important element of the Ads because it captures the attention of the reader. The Image supports the promise. The Text also supports the promise. The Call to Action is the verb or the button to click in the ads. The Headline is the one that you can see that is in bigger font below the image, still telling the promise.

Easy to remember, PITCH stands for Promise, Image, Text, Call to Action and Headline.

I will show you more on the next posts for details in creating PITCH for Facebook Ads under the CREATIVE section of the Facebook Power Editor.