My Prospective Client’s Facebook Ad

Hi there!

It’s been a quite sometime since I wrote here to share my experiences as Facebook Ads Specialist. Here I will share to you something that is worthwhile.

I had a prospective client who was looking for a Facebook Ad Specialist. It was a local market. They were looking for someone who would do the marketing of their products online and someone who would do the make up of their Facebook Page. The client handed me the business card and there was a website in it. I browsed their website and here are the things I found out:

1. The website font is not thick. It lacks strength. Like Sir Jomar said, our internet mentor, the font to be used must show strength for example, the font must be thick.

2. The website has no blog to share something about the products like health awareness. This is to engage the users as if they were part of the discussion if ever they have questions or comments about the topics or the products.

3. The description of the product is not aligned with the image of the product. The description is placed much below the product so it means, the reader may not read the description below. The space between the image and the description is far below.

4. The payment scheme lacks paying through credit card. Nowadays, almost all use credit or debit cards to do online payment transaction.

5. Their Facebook page needs a little make over and their  post must have link to their website.

As I interact with my prospective client, I learned along the way. You know what, I did something awesome. I made an ad for a test about their product and placed it in my Facebook Page. I even paid the ad,just for one day, doing the experiment. You know the result? It’s amazing!

ads 1-edit

This ad has something to do with growth enhancer for teens. I just made a change on age bracket, open for all. No particular interests or demographics, and only available in Philippines. This ad resulted to 3 conversions in a day! hahaha!

ads 2-edit

I made an experiment and I was so happy with the result. There were comments with this ad. But the most important thing was the 3 conversions! But the client, did not respond well. But it is okay, after all there are still more available opportunities. The most important thing is I learned a lot along the way. Cheers Alfie!

Components of Facebook Ads

In my previous post, I showed my experimental Facebook Ads. That was just a practice to master doing Facebook Ads. As a reminder, repetition is the key to mastery.

Below are the components of Facebook Ads to guide and understand the essence of presenting it to your potential clients and prospects.



You will see Promise, Image, Text, Call to Action and Headline from the image above. These are the components of Facebook Ads or in technical term in Facebook Power Editor, it is CREATIVE. The shortcut on this is PITCH for you to remember easily.

The Promise is seen anywhere in the ads. Have you noticed it? Promise is the most important element of the Ads because it captures the attention of the reader. The Image supports the promise. The Text also supports the promise. The Call to Action is the verb or the button to click in the ads. The Headline is the one that you can see that is in bigger font below the image, still telling the promise.

Easy to remember, PITCH stands for Promise, Image, Text, Call to Action and Headline.

I will show you more on the next posts for details in creating PITCH for Facebook Ads under the CREATIVE section of the Facebook Power Editor.